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DH Pressfit Products

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Applications: 15mm - 108mm.

Standard Stainless Pipe
EN 10312 316L
Eco Stainless Pipe
EN 10312 316L
Carbon, Zinc Plated
EN 10305 1.0034
15x1 15x0.6 15x1.2
22x1.2 22x0.7 18x1.2
28x1.2 28x0.8 22x1.2
35.1.5 35x1 28x1.5
42x1.5 42x1.1 35x1.5
54.1.5 54x1.2 42x1.5
76.1x2 76x1.5 54x1.5
88.9x2 89.9x1.6 67x1.5
108x2 108x1.5 76x2
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