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Type 310 XXL – Change-over Valve

Safety Valves Change-over valves allow uninterrupted plant availability which increases plant productivity.


Change-over Valves are used in plants which cannot or should not be switched off such as:

  • Storage tanks for industrial gas
  • Bitumen plants
  • Oil fields
  • Ethylene plants
  • Refineries

Product features

  • Uninterrupted operation
  • Simple handling
  • Heavy-duty design

Series 350 – Safety Valve

Bursting Disc combination

A bursting disc safety valve combination meets the highest tightness requirements and ensures controlled operation after a bursting disc bursts.


The combination of bursting disc and safety valve is the solution for the following applications:

  • Protection of the safety valve from corrosion or coatings.
  • Protection from operating conditions which could impair the functionality of the safety valve.
  • Safeguarding of the process with the highest possible tightness.
  • To prevent a complete media loss after the bursting of the bursting disc.
  • Avoidance of an uncontrolled shut down of a plant after the bursting of the bursting disc.
  • To achieve cost advantages for aggressive media.

Product features

  • Conformance to highest tightness requirements.
  • Combination of advantages of safety valve and bursting disc in TUEV certified connection.
  • Controlled operation after bursting of bursting disc
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