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Compact Performance Safety Valves View All Safety Valves

Compact Performance has compact dimensions with a large performance range for its valve size.

Series 437, 459


  • Thermal relief
  • Air/gas compressors and pumps
  • Technical gases and CO2 plants
  • LPG/LNG terminals, carriers etc.
  • Chemical equipment and piping
  • Cryogenic systems and oxygen applications

Product features

  • Great variety of threaded or flanged connections
  • Valve sizes from ⅜" through 1½"
  • Broad set pressure range up to 800 bar / 11600 psig
  • Wide range of materials and options to fit any application
  • Stellited metal sealing for longer product life
  • Soft seat for superior tightness
  • Single trim for steam, gas and liquid
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