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Critical Service offers solutions for protection from highly corrosive and toxic mediums.

Series 447, 546, 449


  • Corrosive or aggressive chemicals
  • Chemical equipment and piping
  • Chlorine manufacture and processing
  • Reducing acids
    (e. g. hydrochloric acid, acetic acid)
  • Alkalis or caustic service
  • MDI systems

Product features

  • Valve sizes DN 25 through DN 100, 1" through 4"
  • Flange connections according to DIN EN, ANSI/ASME and other
  • Body is resistant against most chemicals by special coating
  • PTFE lining or special metals
  • A PTFE or metal bellows protects the bonnet area against product influences
  • Smooth inside surface avoid adherence of corrosive matters
  • Single trim for gas and liquid
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