Knife Gate Valve MV

Stafsjö’s knife gate valve MV can be used within a wide range of applications on both dry and wet media such as pulp stock up to 7% concentrations, sludge, slurry, biomass, water, ash, granulate and different kinds of waste.

The MV valve is modular designed and it can easily be customized in materials, with actuators and related automation accessories to different process conditions. As standard it is available in a stainless steel version and one in nodular iron, but it can also be supplied in a range of high alloy materials such as Duplex and 254 SMO. Stafsjö’s retainer ring system offers great flexibility and several seat material options. Up to DN 800 the MV holds a one piece valve body and from DN 900 it features a rigid two piece version.

Stafsjö’s gland box system with TwinPack braids ensures that no media reaches the surrounding environment. It can also be reinforced with a box bottom scraper or with a double gland for the most demanding applications.

The MV valve is available in size ranging from DN 50 up to DN 1600 (2” to 64”).

Main Dimensions

505241918020056360529SC100116630230SA07.2F10 A7
6564411078020065380549SC100130650250SA07.2F10 A7
8079511248020088405574SC100135675275SA07.2F10 A8
1001035115480200102453622SC100155723323SA07.2F10 A10
1251285617980250116495714SC100178765365SA07.2F10 A13
1501536020480250130550769SC100205820420SA07.2F10 A15
200202602671453151606941009SC1602681115555SA07.6F10 A31
250250693201453151927791199SC1603201250640SA07.6F10 A40
300302783741453152308791299SC1603751400740SA10.2F10 A55
350332784191754002109931562SC2004201550820SA10.2F10 A90
4003808947917540024510831652SC2004901690910SA10.2F10 A120
4504288953520052028011801752SC2005601820990SA10.2F10 A180
50047011458025052031513332007SC20062520281145SA10.2F10 A245
60056011468026063537015582360SC25074023581370SA10.2F10 A340
70066511880031063540017502717SC25086526501565SA14.2F14 A460
75071011886030563543018802791SC32093027871635SA14.2F14 A510
80076011890031063545019702943SC32098529701780SA14.2F14 A600
900855118101032063558022203148SC320116033401985SA14.6F14 A900
1000950150111032063564024003608SC320128036302215SA14.6F14 A1500
120012001501335490750150043002860SA16.2F16 A2160
130013001471442596813162647373020SA16.2F16 A3300
140014221801574510863172649503224SA16.2F16 A3300
160015601901755550950190053653453SA16.2F16 A5000

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