Knife Gate Valve With Lever 6400


General use : Pulp production, water, water treatment, waste water, chemical industry (powdery or crystallizing products), wine-producing, pulverized products (cement work, pneumatic transport, stocking).


Function ON/OFF or regulation.

Wafer threaded mounting ISO PN10.

Unidirectional tightness, direction indication thanks to the arrow on the body. Small retention zone : the gate is guided in the body and has little clearance. Gland assembly : packing and O-ring (same material as seat joint) to assure the elasticity and decrease the operating force.

Small head loss.

Possibility to regulate thick fluids with the adaptation of a diaphragm ring .


Maximum working pressure : DN 50-250 : 10 bar

DN 300 : 7 bar

Maxi temperature : -10°C / +130°C (standard tightness)


Manufacture according to the requirements of the European directive 97/23/CE «Equipments under pressure» : modulate H.

On request : Product in accordance to european directive

“Potentialy explosive atmospheres” N°94/9/EC : ATEX II 2 GD c and ATEX II 3 GD c. Test procedures are established according to standard EN 12266-1, DIN 3230,

BS 5154 and ISO 5208

Connections according to standard EN 1092-2 and DIN 2501 : ISO PN10.

Main Dimensions

DIMENSIONS* Pre-shaped parts up to DN 300.**Missing parts on metal / metal tightness.
mmDNinchABCDØ VHØ KnØ MW eigh t(kg)D
502″402831248320034812544 x M167,5
652″1/2403081398320038814544 x M169,0M15
803″503331548320041316084 x M1610,0AA1
1004″503781748320048818084 x M1611,5K – n
1255″504231899325056421084 x M1615,5
1506″604742209325063524084 x M2018,5
2008″605 932 7510 83 108092 9584 x M2 035,0
25010″706 853 2610 83 109463 50128 x M2 047,0
30012″707923801083101118400128 x M2061,0
35014″9690043829050012824601610 x M 20117
40016″10097849429050014415151610 x M 24151
45018″106110554729050015875652014 x M 24187
50020″110121561329050018096202014 x M 24205
60024″110141871629050020607252014 x M 27292

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