ARI-ZETRIX® Process Valve

  • Double flange and threaded flange design
  • Cast steel / stainless steel body, one-piece
  • Triple offset construction:
    Rotary movement (90°) without wear or friction
  • Metallic sealing
  • Stellited seat (Stellite® 21)
  • Continous stem, hardened bearings with graphit protector ring
  • Blow-out protected stem (optional: acc. to API 609)
  • Firesafe acc. to ISO 10479 / API 607
  • ATEX
  • SIL
  • Packing acc. to EN ISO 15848-1/ TA-Luft (optional)

Fig. 016

Fig. 016
ARI-ZETRIX® electric actuator

Fig. 018
ARI-ZETRIX® threaded flange
Fig. 016 – Double flanged Process Valve with metallic sealing – Triple offset
Fig. 018 – Threaded flange Process Valve with metallic sealing – Triple offset

Process Valves

With worm gear

  • Self-locking
  • With variable adjustment

With electric rotary actuator
Auma or Schiebel

  • For temporary service S2-15 min.
    (or control: Auma S4 25%, Schiebel S4 40%)
  • 400V 50Hz (optional: 230V 50Hz)
  • Enclosure IP 67

With pneumatic actuator

With hydraulic actuator

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