Tru-Bore Ball Valves

Three Piece, Full Bore Ball Valve, Stainless Steel body, Ball and Stem, PTFE seats and seals, End Connections Butt Weld Metric, Locking Lever Operated.

  • Fits directly to the metric pipe, no modifications.
  • Fewer Welds, quicker installation
  • Better looking installation
  • Full Bore Valve design
  • Fully Maintainable
  • Butt Weld ends made in CF3M Material
  • Ex-Stock Delivery
  • Fully Certified Product
  • Locking Device as standard
1″22.125.43479611″22.145.72 x 8T Whit347961
1.5″34.638.1388564.31.5″34.858.42 x 8T Whit388564.3
2″47.550.84010574.32″47.572.72 x 6T Whit4010574.3
2.5″60.263.54011277.62.5″60.285.42 x 6T Whit4011277.6
3″72.266.24112584.33″72.296.12 x 8T Whit4112584.3
4″97.6101.644157101.64″97.6123.52 x 6T Whit50157101.6

Full Stainless Steel 304 handle with Phenolic knob. 4 Position pull handle locates firmly in place. Handle can be easily removed for maintenance or actuator fitting.

Nylon 6+ or Stainless Steel 304 gripper bar lever handle. 12 position notch plate to allow controlled positioning of valve. Handle can be modified to be lockable.

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